09.11.2011 7:59
09.11.2011 7:59

Dear partner,

Great news from us!

AdamevePoker wish to announce to all our partners and their players, that we have super great changes in our Terms of Service.

From November 9 we allow players to use 3rd party software that provide HUD data such as Poker Tracker and Hold`em Manager.

Players can still change their nicknames every 7 days to combat any form of tracking if they wish.

Upcoming client release which is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday November 9th, below you can see additional HUD compatibility changes:

— Grandfathered notes appear

— Player A has notes taken on him and changes his nickname, these notes will disappear

— Player A reverts to his original nickname then previous saved notes on him will reappear

— Player B takes notes on «Joe1» and another user assumes that name afterwards, notes do NOT appear for the new «Joe1»

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team: [email protected]



AdamevePoker Team


Как я понимаю, теперь можно пользоватся на адаме ХМ и ПТ3, это только на адаме или во всей сети кейка? новость  просто отличная)))

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    09.11.2011 10:24

    Во всей сети кейк

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